• Rossanna, neurodivergent in chief

    Rossanna conceived All Minds Count after her family suffered a traumatizing event involving their ADHD-diagnosed son.

    The painful experience and its aftermath shed light on the need to develop a new framework around neuroinclusion. One that, rooted in knowledge & understanding, invites us to go past the fear and the stigmas and encourages us to embrace, appreciate and celebrate the beauty of thinking differently.

    You can learn more about Rossanna here

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  • Camilo, lead idea generator

    Camilo was born in 2010. He is a fiction writer currently working on a science fiction novel, expected to be finished by 2024. He is also a Minecraft YouTuber known as Magnificentthe1st and a speedcuber with a PB of 12 seconds on 3x3 speedcubes.

    Camilo is a proud ADHDer and he firmly believes that everyone's thoughts deserve to be respected.

    He also wonders why instead of "ADHD" they don't just name the condition "distracted"

  • Rocco, lead idea generator

    Rocco was born in 2012. Gifted with a fixed attention brain trait, he is a competitive soccer and chess player.

    He thinks All Minds Count is a great message to encourage people to express their true selves without fearing being judged.

    When he grows up, he wants to be “a happy guy with a dog,” and when it comes to superpowers, he can eat an entire supermarket if he feels like it.

  • Co-branding /Co-sponsoring

    Be a champion for neuroinclusion. Lets work together to design messages that your team, clients and partners will be proud to wear anytime

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  • Artists Collabs

    Show us your designs and enjoy your royalties!

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  • Apply as beneficiary

    The All Minds Count Change fund is looking to partner with organizations involved in neuroinclusion initiatives. Sounds like yours? Drop a line, we want to hear from you!

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